Why Every Business Should Have a Charity Project

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By Theresa Baiocco

I’ve always admired people who make charity work a part of their everyday lives. That’s one of those New Year’s Resolutions I make nearly every year, along with getting in shape of course. But somehow I never seem to be able to lose that last 10lbs, and I never seem to follow through with charity projects, either.

Until now.

How did I finally go from having good intentions to taking action?

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It started when we hired an enthusiastic woman named Reese, who is passionate about animals. She was also on the Board of Directors at BrightSide Animal Center, a local animal shelter with one of the highest save rates in the country.

We encouraged Reese to apply for a Google grant for non-profits. She did, and she got BrightSide a grant worth $10,000/month in AdWords advertising – absolutely FREE! 

BrightSide was thrilled with the grant.  But like most non-profits, they didn’t know where to start setting up and managing their campaign.

Coincidentally, this happened at a time when Conversion Max hired several new team members, who needed some real-world projects to work on during training.

So we offered to make BrightSide our company’s charity project, if they were willing to let us train new employees on their account. We’d manage their AdWords account and create and A/B test landing pages for them for free. Under the guidance of experienced managers, of course.

They loved the idea as much as we did and so it began!

Now every new Conversion Max employee – whether they are a PPC specialist, landing page designer, sales/account manager, or project manager – is responsible for managing a campaign in the BrightSide account. It’s a great training ground and a great cause!

What a valuable addition to our training process, and a relief for the good people at BrightSide. Since they don’t have to manage their PPC account, they can focus on doing what they do best, which is helping animals find good homes.

See our other inspiration for this charity project – dogs that our staff have adopted:

Shawna's dogs, Boots and Nathaniel

Shawna’s Dogs, Boots and Nathaniel

Reese's Dog, Bogey

Reese’s Dog, Bogey

Stephen's dog, Allilabet

Stephen’s dog, Allilabet

Roger's Dog, Buddy

Roger’s Dog, Buddy

Brown Labrador / Chesapeke Bay Retriever mix

Chris’s Dog, Jackson












My personal inspiration, Sherpa

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Theresa Baiocco-Farr

Conversion Strategist at Conversion Max
Theresa Baiocco-Farr specializes in helping mid-sized businesses increase their online revenues with conversion optimization. She's a top-rated conference speaker with a Master’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Colorado and a Master Certification in Conversion Optimization from Market Motive. She’s a dog-lover, wife & mom, and a recovering travel-junkie.