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Get three full days of Conversion Optimization training in your offices. Your whole team will learn CRO theory, tools, and strategy for more effective web marketing.
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Thinking about sending your employees to a conference? Give your marketing team personalized, hands-on training to do conversion optimization effectively in-house instead. Whether your team needs to master CRO for your own marketing, or to offer conversion services to clients (or both!), they’ll learn a scalable system for improving websites’ conversions.

In a three-day training course at your offices, your team will learn:

  • A 5-step system of increasing websites’ conversions
  • How to pick the right usability and testing tools for the job
  • How to avoid common CRO pitfalls and costly mistakes
  • How to analyze qualitative and quantitative data to create testing meaningful hypotheses
  • How to identify and prioritize a website’s biggest conversion problems in order to have huge gains

Maximum number of participants is 15.


Compare the cost of sending 15 employees to an average conference for 3 days:

  • Conference pass: $1500 x 15 employees = $22,500
  • Hotel: $750 x 15 employees = $11,250
  • Airfare: $400 x 15 employees = $6000
  • Meals, parking, etc: $350 x 15 = $5250

Your total expense for sending 15 employees to a 3-day conference: $45,000

Plus, at a conference, your employees have to choose which sessions to attend, and then piece together a solution. If I come to your offices, your team will learn my easy-to-follow system and get hands-on help with current projects.


At the end of this three full-day course, your team will have the tools and resources they need to implement an effective conversion strategy for your – or your clients’ – websites.


“I am a believer in continuing education in the SEO/SEM area, unfortunately most of the time these classes are a good opportunity for a much needed nap ;).

With Theresa this was not the case! During her seminar she clearly demonstrated a deep understanding of fundamental marketing techniques and how to apply them to the web to get the best results. She also had a clear understanding of the tools that will help her get the job done efficiently and effectively.

I am thankful that I got a chance to learn from Theresa. Since her seminar that was just 3 days ago I have already used different tips she gave over 50 times. Obviously her expertise is immensely valuable.”

– Ron McCabe, Partner at Everbearing Services

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*Cost is for three days (8 hours each) of training in your offices. Airfare and lodging not included.