Conversion Audit


Discover how your website can yield higher conversions — and revenue — with the same amount of traffic. This comprehensive analysis is the 1st step toward increasing conversions. You’ll get specific, actionable recommendations on the top 10 elements to fix or test, based on your site’s data and conversion theory.

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If any of these describe you, then you need a Conversion Audit:

  • You don’t have enough traffic to run A/B or MVT tests
  • You know HOW to run an A/B or MVT test, but not WHAT to test for the biggest wins
  • You want to know whether to redo your site, or whether a few strategic changes will boost leads and sales
  • You need to know what to change on your site to increase conversions

This comprehensive report reveals:

  • Comparisons with your competition, and opportunities for your target market
  • How your website stacks up on the primary elements that influence conversion
  • How to prioritize changes or A/B tests based on Google Analytics, user feedback, and conversion principles

You’ll walk away with a thorough report of specific, actionable steps of the top 10 most important elements to improve to increase your site’s conversion and lift revenue.  This written report will be delivered via screen share to your executive team so you can ask any questions about the findings.


“Theresa is by far the Queen of Conversion. Her insights were incredible and extremely valuable. The Conversion Audit she provided us was thorough and left no stone unturned, she exposed weaknesses on our website and helped us achieve a better user experience.”

– Felipe Gonzalez
Director of Online Marketing, LivonLabs


Order a Conversion Audit now and take the first step toward increasing your website’s conversions — and your revenue!