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Maximize Your Gains by Going Beyond Web Analytics

Your site's visitors are not zombies who all all think and behave the same. So don't treat them all the same. Your site will become the most persuasive when it delivers the right message to the right person at the right time.

In order to do this, you need to identify under- and over-performing segments in your conversion data. For example, while your site's average conversion rate may be 3%, a deeper look might reveal a segment that converts at 0.05%. Bringing that segment up to 1% could mean massive financial gains.

But the kind of sophisticated data analysis you need to do to to get to this level - and beyond - isn't possible with the free version of Google Analytics. You will need to invest in premium analytics tools and data analysis, because while the free version is a great starting point for most businesses, it's severly lacking for bigger businesses because:

  • More often than not, it's not installed, configured, and integrated with other systems correctly so the data isn't complete
  • You cannot get personally identifiable information, which means huge gaps in understanding specific visitor paths, lifetime customer value, etc

Google's answer is to offer a premium package at $150,000/yr.

That's great for Fortune 500 companies. If that's not you, however, there ARE other options. Upon understanding all the places your company has valuable data that's not being utilized, we'll recommend the best analytics solution that's more powerful than Google's free version, but without the $150,000/yr price tag.

Why You Need This

At a certain point, businesses need more than mere web analytics; they need customer analytics in order to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. They need to trust their data. They need to make better decisions faster. If this sounds like you, keep reading.

What You Get Every Month

  • The most important page to fix, with the data and theory to support that
  • A wireframe or a full-color mockup of a better converting page
  • Report on how the previous month's changes worked, and discuss any tweaks necessary

Who It's For

If your site doesn't have at least 1 million unique monthly visitors, we can't do advanced segmentation. You must:

  • Start with our Magnifier plan to make sure you have enough data and that you're collecting it accurately
  • Have at least 3 years of analytics data
  • Be an established business with a proven business model
  • Have a primary goal of getting leads or sales
  • Have at least $10M in annual revenue, directly attributed to your website

Nick Hotalling

After years of working with vendors who simply turn the knobs and hand you a report, it was exceptionally refreshing to work with Conversion Max who provides candid feedback and truly understands the full lead lifecycle from intention to conversion and how it impacts your SEM efforts.

Nick Hotalling

Digital Marketing Manager, LayeredTech


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