Conversion Magnifier

Find Problems Fix Them Make Sure It Worked

Regardless of how much traffic your site gets, you can always make data-driven changes to boost conversions. Using Google Analytics, user behavior analytics, UX/conversion theory, and user testing, I'll identify and prioritize the conversion problems on your website. Then, we'll attack each issue one-by-one, from biggest to smallest.

Most importantly, I'll measure the effect of the changes we make, and we'll discuss any tweaks necessary. This level of follow up is a critical ingredient that other agencies don't offer when they review your site and just tell you what to fix based on their "expertise" (or opinion).

What You Get Every Month in a Conference Call

  • The most important page to fix, with the data and theory to support that
  • A wireframe or a full-color mockup of a better converting page
  • Report on how the previous month's changes worked, and discuss any tweaks necessary

Who It's For

Any website with conversion data can use a Conversion Magnifier to grow conversions. But it's an ideal fit for:

  • Established businesses with a proven business model, though they may just be getting started with conversion optimization
  • Marketing teams that need a dedicated CRO expert
  • Websites with a primary goal of getting more leads or sales

Conversion Rate on New Visitors Increased from 3% to 10%

Theresa is by far the Queen of Conversion. Her insights were incredible and extremely valuable. The Conversion Audit she provided us was thorough and left no stone unturned, she exposed weaknesses on our website and helped us achieve a better user experience. She helped us increase our conversion rate on new visitors from 3% to 10% in 3 weeks.

Felipe Gonzalez

Director of Online Marketing, LivonLabs


Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need a Conversion Magnifier?

Contact me directly. You'll never talk to a salesperson or an account executive. I'll be the one doing the work, so I believe that's who you should talk to.


Theresa (Baiocco) Farr

  • Conversion Optimization Specialist
  • Master's Degree in Marketing
  • Repeat speaker at Pubcon, Conversion Conference and more