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Page Load Speed Can Make or Break Your Sales

PAGE LOAD SPEED: In the world of online shopping, one or two seconds can make or break an eCommerce website.  If you think the little bit of extra time it takes for your web page to load is inconsequential, you should stop and think again. Page load time is vital to a visitors’ experience on…

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Point Visitors in the Right Direction

You’ve built the perfect website–all the important elements are there to increase online conversions and keep visitors engaged. But are your visitors able to find their way around or are they getting lost? Secondly, are you pointing them in the right direction or are they missing it completely? Many of us assume that because the…

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7 Steps to Higher Conversion Rates

By Theresa Baiocco I’m opening the kimono and showing you my 7-step process to increase conversion rates. And believe me, it IS a process. It’s not a quick-fix, one-time activity and you’re done. But taking the time to do it right makes all the difference in the world. People who simply learn the mechanics of…

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Resist the Temptation: Everyone Is Doing It

By Shawna Duvall Welcome back! Here is my second post sharing what I have learned as a landing page optimization specialist. If you missed my earlier post, see here. It is a great idea to keep up with trends in design; in fact, it’s vital. But, don’t be fooled by the latest trends. Most of…

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