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What I Learned from Winning the 5-Second Showdown on CROday

When Unbounce’s Oli Gardner invited me to compete in a 5-second showdown for CROday, I thought it’d be fun. But I was up against friends and competitors, who are among the top CRO experts: Joanna Weibe Ton Wesseling Michael Aagaard Both Conversion Scientists and more My Facebook post on what I thought my chances of winning were:…

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PPC Ad Writing Made Easy

By Don Sturgill Writing is my job. I launched my first newsletter when I was nine years old. I’ve written newspaper articles, newspaper advertising, short stories, poetry, and ebooks. I’ve penned songs and composed white papers. I’ve written online ads for eMarketers, business plans for entrepreneurs, websites for corporations, and marketing copy galore. I’ve helped launch…

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Landing Page Conversion: 3 Mistakes and 3 Solutions

By Shawna Duvall I LIKE LISTS, and I really like short lists. So, to supplement my earlier post about favorite landing page design tools, here are three tips for landing page conversion optimization. Please put them to use … immediately. Stock Photography This poor woman works at least four jobs: a high-profile dental group, my alma mater,…

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Landing Page Golden Rules

By Don Sturgill You have an excellent product or service to offer. Your marketing team has prepared a sure-sell strategy for the launch. You hired a PPC manager to kick off the campaign with a series of online ads guaranteed to draw attention. The next part of your strategy will determine whether or not your…

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Favorite Landing Page Design Tools

By Shawna Duvall “An artist is only as good as his tools,” so the saying goes. I always liked that one more than, “It is a poor artist who blames his tools.” Because DiVinci didn’t try to paint his masterpieces with a plastic spoon. Good tools can really help a designer make great landing pages…

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Resist the Temptation: Everyone Is Doing It

By Shawna Duvall Welcome back! Here is my second post sharing what I have learned as a landing page optimization specialist. If you missed my earlier post, see here. It is a great idea to keep up with trends in design; in fact, it’s vital. But, don’t be fooled by the latest trends. Most of…

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Building Great Landing Pages

By Shawna Duvall I was told that everyone who graduates college feels like they still don’t know what they need to start their careers; I certainly felt this way. While I absorbed the Graphic Design theory, I really had no idea how to put it to good use. So I took a job as a…

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