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Internet Marketing Strategy

The Most Productive Thing You Can Do in the Next 30 Minutes

What did you do in the last 30 minutes? Anything you’re proud of? Or did you just go through email, mess around on Facebook, or sit through another mind-numbing meeting?   Here are some ideas on how to be uber-productive in your next 30 minutes: Listen to this podcast where Tim Ash interviewed me about…

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Is This One Fatal Mistake Killing Your Business?

By Don Sturgill It’s the poorest county in the state of Utah and among the 40 poorest counties in the United States. Over half the population is Native American – largely Navajo and Ute – and it’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth: San Juan County. I met him at a shelter in…

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Why You Should Avoid Site Reviews

By Theresa Baiocco I LOVE conferences. I love learning, presenting, networking, catching up with friends, and seeing what new vendors and tools have cropped up. I love getting out of town and breaking out of my routine. I love the sponsored parties, free booze, and t-shirts. But there’s one thing I hate at conferences ……

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