Conversion Optimization

Higher PPC Bids vs. Lower Bids: Which One Wins

By Richard Farr PPC is not SEO. I’ll let that settle in. Really, PPC is NOT SEO. Higher rankings through SEO is a good thing; whereas, striving for a higher average position in PPC isn’t necessarily more profitable. Let me show you why with an example. Below are two identical campaigns: One was implemented with the goal…

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Learn How to Listen Better — And Win More Customers

By Don Sturgill Most of us don’t know how to listen. Communications research shows that almost all of us consider our listening skills to be adequate – probably even above average. Those same studies also reveal the reality: We comprehend about one-fourth of the information presented to us. Consequently, most of us have a problem that…

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Building Great Landing Pages

By Shawna Duvall I was told that everyone who graduates college feels like they still don’t know what they need to start their careers; I certainly felt this way. While I absorbed the Graphic Design theory, I really had no idea how to put it to good use. So I took a job as a…

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