Case study: An updated design isn’t good enough

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We had a client hire us right before they were ready to launch a new site. The old one was dated and had so, so many problems:

This was their old homepage, which was overdue for an overhaul

A 5-second test revealed that no one knew what they sold, let alone why they needed it, and why this company was the best one to buy it from.

Only 13% of respondents understood that they sold vitamin supplements. Yikes!

But my client already knew their site had problems, and they were ready to launch a more modern, attractive site.

The new design was more attractive — but still didn’t explain what they sold. A 5-second test on this design showed little improvement in that area.

Most people understood that they sold liposomes – whatever that is

Google Analytics showed a huge drop-off from the product page, and Lucky Orange heatmaps revealed that people were clicking on the page’s tabs to learn more, but not adding the product to the cart.

Furthermore, the shopping cart not only looked dated, but more importantly, had too many buttons, with wonky placement of the one they wanted people to click: checkout. Also, a prominent coupon code like this encourages people to do a Google search to find one. Once they do that, they may never come back.

We conducted a month-long conversion audit of the entire existing site, and included analysis of the new design. On a 2-hour conference call, we discussed all the sites’ problems, from these major issues shown above, down to typos and other quick fixes.

Then, we spent the next month building solutions to those problems in the form of a 10-page interactive black and white wireframe.

The result?

Conversion Rate on New Visitors Increased from 3% to 10%

“Theresa is by far the Queen of Conversion. Her insights were incredible and extremely valuable. The Conversion Audit she provided us was thorough and left no stone unturned, she exposed weaknesses on our website and helped us achieve a better user experience. She helped us increase our conversion rate on new visitors from 3% to 10% in 3 weeks.”

Felipe Gonzalez, Director of Online Marketing, LivonLabs

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Theresa Baiocco-Farr

Conversion Strategist at Conversion Max
Theresa Baiocco-Farr specializes in helping mid-sized businesses increase their online revenues with conversion optimization. She's a top-rated conference speaker with a Master’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Colorado and a Master Certification in Conversion Optimization from Market Motive. She’s a dog-lover, wife & mom, and a recovering travel-junkie.