About Conversion Max

How I Got Into Conversion Optimization

I optimize for results, not traffic. But I didn’t always think that way; I used to put most of my time and resources into traffic.

But then an interesting thing happened.

In 2008, my husband and I were doing SEO and PPC for a client. Google Analytics showed that we were driving better quality traffic - and more of it - to their site every year. But their revenue wasn’t growing; it was actually getting WORSE! So we pretended to be a customer and tried to buy their service.

Guess what happened?

We actually got kicked out of their shopping cart while trying to make a purchase!

The site was so poorly built that it didn’t matter how much traffic was sent to it; no one could figure out how to buy anything! This led me to a key realization that guides my philosophy today:

I can help clients make more money by making their traffic worth more, rather than simply driving more of it.

Why I chose to stay small

Several years ago, I built out a team like other agencies. I hired people out of community college and trained them to follow my system. However, I quickly realized that the type of analysis and creative problem solving required to make a meaningful impact for clients isn't something that should be systemized. Sure, employees can follow a checklist, but each of our clients has unique problems and I want to really dig in, myself, and put my top brain-power into solving those problems.

That's why I decided to go back to just working by myself. This way, I can keep the quality of my work high by:

  • Limiting the number of projects I work on at any given time - especially during this COVID craziness
  • Only working on projects that are the right fit
  • Spending my time on client work, rather than teaching and managing a team

Theresa (Baiocco) Farr

Master's Degree in Marketing from University of Colorado

I improve conversions by systematically identifying, prioritizing and fixing problem areas. By reviewing your site analytics, I determine WHAT is wrong, then I gather qualitative data and analyze the site from a conversion framework to figure out WHY.

I create a wireframe or mockup of what I think will fix the problem. Then I check to see whether it did. I don't stop until the data shows that the problem has been fixed and you're making more money.

My Speaking & Teaching Experience:

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- Jim Osgood
President, OfficeFinder

"Our new office space request form increased conversion rate from 4% to 11! – Miracle worker!"