About Conversion Max

How We Got Into Conversion Optimization

We optimize for results, not traffic. But we didn’t always think that way; we used to put most of our time and resources into traffic.

But then an interesting thing happened.

In 2008, we were doing SEO and PPC for a client. Google Analytics showed that we were driving better quality traffic - and more of it - to their site every year. But their revenue wasn’t growing; it was actually getting WORSE! So we pretended to be a customer and tried to buy their service.

Guess what happened?

We actually got kicked out of their shopping cart while trying to make a purchase!

The site was so poorly built that it didn’t matter how much traffic was sent to it; no one could figure out how to buy anything! This led us to a key realization that guides our philosophy today:

We can help our clients make more money by making their traffic worth more, rather than simply driving more of it.

Our Team (Yes, We're Married)

Yes, we drive each other crazy sometimes. Yes, we talk about our clients at the dinner table, on weekends, and on vacation. But we also know how to work together to solve problems, how to intrepret each other, and how to bring out the best work in each other. Our promise to you is that you'll only ever get the actual experts (Richard and Theresa) working on your site.

Several years ago, we built out a team like other agencies. We hired people out of community college and trained them to follow our system. However, we quickly realized that the type of analysis and creative problem solving required to make a meaningful impact for our clients isn't something that should be systemized. Sure, employees can follow a checklist, but each of our clients has unique problems and we want to really dig in, ourselves, and put our top brain-power into solving those problems.

That's why we decided to go back to just the two of us. This way, we can keep the quality of our work high by:

  • Limiting the number of projects we work on at any given time
  • Only working on projects that are the right fit
  • Spending our time on client work, rather than teaching and managing a team

Theresa (Baiocco) Farr

Master's Degree in Marketing from University of Colorado

I improve conversions by systematically identifying, prioritizing and fixing problem areas. By reviewing your site analytics, I determine WHAT is wrong, then I gather qualitative data and analyze the site from a conversion framework to figure out WHY.

I create a wireframe or mockup of what I think will fix the problem. Then I check to see whether it did. I don't stop until the data shows that the problem has been fixed and you're making more money.

My Speaking & Teaching Experience:

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Richard Farr

Master's Degree in Economics with a concentration in Financial Mathematics from Florida State University

I used to build trading models for a prop trading company with a seat on the Chicago Board of Trade. The  same mathematical principles used in trading models also apply to web marketing. In fact, the person who designed the Google AdWords bid auction system, Hal Varian, also specializes in microeconomics. A lot of the best minds in Data Science have a similar skillset. Because of this, and because I choose to live in the mountain biking, road cycling, and craft beer capital of the world, Bend, Oregon (rather than in a financial metropolis), it was a logical move for me to leave the trading world and get good at Data Science.

Your data always tells a story. I look for patterns in that data to find out how to get more sales or leads for less spend. I identify under- and over-performing segments based on:

  • Time of day
  • Day of week
  • Month of year
  • Geographic location
  • Keyword profitability
  • Your competitors' strategies
  • And more

I grew up in England and moved to the U.S. when I was 13 so you'll hear remnants of an English accent.


Interested in Talking to Us?​​​​​​​

Schedule an appointment with us directly. Not a salesperson or an account executive. We'll be doing the work, so we believe that's who you should talk to.


- Jim Osgood
President, OfficeFinder

"Our new office space request form increased conversion rate from 4% to 11! – Miracle workers!"