25 CRO Tools from 5 Conversion Experts

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By Theresa Baiocco

I had the honor of being on a panel with some of the top conversion experts at Conversion Conference in Las Vegas this year.

We each covered our 5 favorite conversion tools that we can’t live without.

Conversion Experts on Stage, Presenting CRO Tools

Left to right: Lance Loveday, Theresa Baiocco, Angie Schottmuller, Joel Harvey, Tim Ash

Tim Ash of SiteTuners: Favorite CRO Tools

  1. Viewbix: Add calls to action on your videos
  2. Crossbrowser Testing: Test how your site looks on any device, browser, screen size
  3. MockFlow: Interactive wireframing and prototyping
  4. Evergage: Real-time content personalization
  5. Attention Wizard: Predicts what gets visual attention on landing pages

Lance Loveday of Closed Loop: Must-Have Conversion Tools

  1. Walk Me: Guided tour of your site to train users how to do something
  2. Mixpanel: Visitor-based analytics (as opposed to page-based)
  3. Hotjar: Click and scroll heatmaps, videos of user sessions, polls
  4. Invision: Share designs with clients online, collaborative commenting
  5. Tableau: “Excel on steroids” with data visualization for reporting

Angie Schottmuller of Three Deep Marketing: Top 5 CRO Tools

  1. The User is Drunk: User testing by a drunk guy. Need I say more?
  2. Stipso: Infographics that dynamically update as people interact with them
  3. WebPageTest: Web page performance testing (ie, speed, load time, etc)
  4. Needle: Live chat support serviced by brand/industry advocates
  5. Unbounce: DIY landing page creation and A/B testing

Joel Harvey of Conversion Sciences: CRO Tools He Can’t Live Without

  1. Cyfe: Dashboard for sales, marketing, finance, project management, and IT
  2. Crazy Egg: Click and scroll heatmaps, segmented by traffic source
  3. Inspectlet: Videos of user sessions with helpful filtering options
  4. Chrome Dev Tools: Find layout issues and get insights for optimizing code
  5. Internet Explorer: The browser developers want to kill. Always check your site in IE!

Theresa Baiocco (that’s me!): Go-To Conversion Tools

  1. Affinio: Segments your twitter audience into tribes based on their interests
  2. Spyfu + Ghostery Chrome Extension: Spyfu shows your competitors’ top ads and landing pages. Then Ghostery shows which scripts are on their landing pages. *Note: Ispionage just released a tool to monitor your competitors’ A/B and MVT tests(!)
  3. Five Second Test: People see your landing page for 5 seconds then answer questions
  4. Lucky Orange: Visitor recordings, live chat, heatmaps, polls, form analytics
  5. User Testing: Screen recorded user testing (users are sober)

Warning: Don’t Let the Tools Seduce You

Tools Kissing on a Beach

Tools Are Sexy But…

Remember the purpose of CRO tools:

  • To understand your audience
  • To know your competition
  • To communicate better with your site’s visitors
  • To identify and prioritize your site’s problems in order to fix them

One of the myths of conversion optimization is thinking that you simply need to learn how to use A/B and MVT tools. In fact, all the CRO tools are useless if you don’t have a conversion strategy in place.

So develop your strategy, then have fun checking out these conversion tools. In the comments below, tell me what your favorite CRO tools are.

And make sure to go to Conversion Conference next year where we’ll all be likely talking about our new favorite conversion tools!

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Theresa Baiocco-Farr

Conversion Strategist at Conversion Max
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