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Online Shopping Sites and Bill Me Later
BUY NOW, PAY LATER SHOPPING has made its way from the back-end of department stores to the front page of the internet's online shopping mall. Just when you thought “buy now, pay later” as an in-store plan had been rendered unnecessary by credit cards, the get-it-now plan has resurfaced in the Continue Reading
What You Don’t Know About PPC Advertising
By Don Sturgill ADVERTISING IS LIKE winning the lottery – right? You get your name out there every place you can. Buy a placard at the ball park, film a television commercial, rent a blimp … the main idea is to build your brand and get people to think of you whenever they need a lawyer, Continue Reading
Point Visitors in the Right Direction
You’ve built the perfect website--all the important elements are there to increase online conversions and keep visitors engaged. But are your visitors able to find their way around or are they getting lost? Secondly, are you pointing them in the right direction or are they missing it completely? Continue Reading
The Anatomy of the Perfect Thank You Page
By Theresa Baiocco You put a lot of effort into your landing pages. You follow a process to analyze all the pages in your conversion funnel and identify where people drop out, then you run A/B or multivariate tests to improve those pages. And your conversion rates are increasing as a result. C Continue Reading
What Acting and PPC Have in Common
By Don Sturgill OF ALL THE SCHOOLS of acting, the most acclaimed is “Method Acting,” or simply, “The Method.” Beginning with New York’s Group Theatre in the 1930’s, disciples of The Method have consistently become stars: James Stewart, Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, Marilyn Monroe, Dustin H Continue Reading
By Theresa Baiocco Every time I give a presentation on Conversion Optimization, I get questions that are indicative of typical misconceptions in the field.  So I'm going to expose the following myths, so you don't make these common mistakes: Myth #1: "I just redesigned my site, so I don't nee Continue Reading
The Most Important Part of Any Business
By Don Sturgill There is one person no business can do without. I'm not speaking of the sales manager, the executive assistant, or even the CEO. The one necessary individual to business success (beyond a valid product or service), is the customer. Without a sufficient flow of happy buyers, no p Continue Reading
7 Steps to Higher Conversion Rates
By Theresa Baiocco I'm opening the kimono and showing you my 7-step process to increase conversion rates. And believe me, it IS a process. It's not a quick-fix, one-time activity and you're done. But taking the time to do it right makes all the difference in the world. People who simply learn Continue Reading
By Shawna Duvall Welcome back! Here is my second post sharing what I have learned as a landing page optimization specialist. If you missed my earlier post, see here. It is a great idea to keep up with trends in design; in fact, it's vital. But, don't be fooled by the latest trends. Most of the Continue Reading
Higher PPC Bids vs. Lower Bids: Which One Wins
By Richard Farr PPC is not SEO. I'll let that settle in. Really, PPC is NOT SEO. Higher rankings through SEO is a good thing; whereas, striving for a higher average position in PPC isn't necessarily more profitable. Let me show you why with an example. Below are two identical campaigns: Continue Reading