PPC Enhanced Campaigns: A Blessing or a Curse?
By Don Sturgill IT'S BEEN ALMOST 10 months since Google announced the launch of PPC enhanced campaigns (EC) as a new approach to managing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising -- and a little over 4 months since EC’s became mandatory for AdWords management. At first, there was considerable chatter Continue Reading
The Zen of Geotargeting: Are You In or Out?
By Don Sturgill Why is geotargeting important? Do you remember when we talked about writing PPC ads and how important it is for a pizzeria to consider location when placing pay-per-click ads? The company we used as an example wrote a pretty good ad – and received a high click-through rate. Unf Continue Reading
Warning: That Statistic You Are Quoting is BS
By Don Sturgill Did you know most companies spend $92 in the effort to get someone to visit their website for every $1 aimed at converting that visit into a sale? Statistics: Sales people love them. Customers are awed by them. And sometimes we are shocked by them. Statistics are sometimes a Continue Reading
Is This One Fatal Mistake Killing Your Business?
By Don Sturgill It’s the poorest county in the state of Utah and among the 40 poorest counties in the United States. Over half the population is Native American – largely Navajo and Ute – and it’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth: San Juan County. I met him at a shelter in Continue Reading
How to Boost Your Click-Through Rate Without Being Thought an Idiot
By Don Sturgill CONVERSION MAX IS BASED in Bend, Oregon – microbrew capital of the world. And if there was a bar just down the road from the Conversion Max offices (and there is) … and if one would go there after work for a pint (various employees may or may not have done that – some, frequ Continue Reading