“The work Theresa provides is the critical missing piece of traditional SEM solutions. From user testing to wireframes and heatmaps, she took our digital marketing efforts to a whole new level. She continually delivers exceptional work and details her findings in thorough presentations. Theresa is collaborative and flexible; she can effectively relay the significance of her findings to a technical person just as easily as she can convey the big picture to an executive team.”

Nick Hotalling

Digital Marketing Manager, Layered Tech

“Our new office space request form increased conversion rate from 4% to 11! – Miracle workers!”

Jim Osgood

President of OfficeFinder

“Occasionally you encounter one of those students who understands the process of identifying and prioritizing conversion obstacles in order to fix them, as well as the bigger picture of how conversion optimization fits into the overall web marketing strategy. Theresa is one of those students. Her assignments were top notch, but even better where the incredible results she showed in the A/B tests she had to do for her clients for class. She knows how to increase revenue.”

Bryan Eisenberg

Professional Speaker, Best-Selling Author

“It’s one thing doing business with a business and it’s another thing to do business led by a person that actually has what it takes to get the job done. You’ve been great!”

Brian Zimmerman

Owner of WebWhizWorks

“Theresa is by far the Queen of Conversion. Her insights were incredible and extremely valuable. The Conversion Audit she provided us was thorough and left no stone unturned, she exposed weaknesses on our website and helped us achieve a better user experience. She helped us increase our conversion rate on new visitors from 3% to 10% in 3 weeks.”

Felipe Gonzalez

Director of Online Marketing, LivOn Labs

“I was extremely impressed by Theresa’s innovative ideas, her extensive knowledge of the Internet Marketing industry, and her strategies for helping businesses increase the profitability of their web sites. This project showed me the value of hiring/learning from an expert to implement effective Internet marketing strategies – there’s so much more to it than most people realize.”

Courtney Staufer,MBA

Communications Assoc, University of Colorado

“I went to a Conversion Optimization seminar hosted by SEMPDX that Theresa Baiocco taught this week. I am a believer in continuing education in the SEO/SEM area, unfortunately most of the time these classes are a good opportunity for a much needed nap ;).

With Theresa this was not the case! During her seminar she clearly demonstrated a deep understanding of fundamental marketing techniques and how to apply them to the web to get the best results. She also had a clear understanding of the tools that will help her get the job done efficiently and effectively.

I am thankful that I got a change to learn from Theresa. Since her seminar that was just 3 days ago I have already used different tips she gave over 50 times. Obviously her expertise is immensely valuable.”

Ron McCabe

Partner at Everbearing Services

“My company hired Theresa to assist with the conversion of our web and blog traffic. The reports produced monthly are insightful and there is always helpful homework to keep us on the right path. I feel that Theresa’s positive attitude and professionalism only enhances their services, which are a great value and have strengthened our online presence.”

Lisa Miller,MBA

Marketing Director, PSA Security Network

About Me

Theresa (Baiocco) Farr, Conversion Strategist

I look at—and improve upon—the whole sales funnel (from landing page to the final conversion step).

I help clients improve conversions by systematically identifying, prioritizing and fixing problem areas. By reviewing site analytics, I determine WHAT is wrong, then I run various usability tests and analyze the site from a conversion framework to figure out WHY.

Next, I test different solutions to fix those issues by running A/B tests, so you know without a doubt whether those changes increased your conversions and your revenue.

How I got into Conversion Optimization

I optimize for results, not traffic. But I didn’t always think that way. Originally, I thought like everyone else and believed free traffic was the key to success.

But then an interesting thing happened.

My husband and business partner, Richard Farr, and I had been providing SEO and PPC services for a client for several years. Google Analytics showed that we were driving more traffic — and better quality traffic — to their site year after year. Despite accomplishing these goals, however, the company’s revenue wasn’t growing; it was actually getting WORSE! So we pretended to be a customer and tried to buy their service.

Guess what happened?

We actually got kicked out of their shopping cart while trying to make a purchase!

The site was so poorly built that it didn’t matter how much traffic was sent to it; no one could figure out how to buy anything! This led us to a key realization that guides our philosophy today:

We can better help our clients by making their sites better not by worrying about traffic alone. So Richard specialized in getting really good at PPC and analytics, and I immersed myself in Conversion Optimization.

Let our knowledge help you too.

My Speaking & Teaching Experience:

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My Certifications: